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All Trades Softpack - First Aid Kit
Zip up Carry Case - 250mm=Width x 190mm=Height x 90mm=Depth
2x Dressing Large Pad on Bandage
Dressing Combine 10cm x 9cm
Dressing Combine 20cm x 20cm
Dressing Non Adherent 7.5cm x 10cm
Dressing Non Adherent 5cm x 7.5cm
Gauze Swabs 2's Sterile
3x Burn Gel Sachets
Burn Dressing 15cm x 5cm
2x Eye Pad Sterile
Large Triangle Bandage Disposable with 2 Pins
10cm Crepe Bandage
7.5cm Cohesive Bandage
Wound Closure Steri Strips 3mm
Pack 25 Extra Wide Fabric Plasters
7cm x 1m Fabric Dressing Strip
Blue Metal Detectable Dressing Strip (1Mx7.5cm)
Pack Blue Metal Detectable Standard Plasters 12’s
Pack Blue Metal Detectable Knuckle Plasters 12’s
Pack Blue Metal Detectable Finger Tips Plasters 12’s
Rescue Shears (Scissors)
Steel Tweezers
Pack 5x Splinter Probes
Pack 10x Safety Pins
CPR Face Shield with One Way Valve
2x 30ml Saline Irrigation Ampules
250ml Eye & Skin Wash Irrigation Bottle
Fabric Strapping Tape on Spool (25mmx9.1M)
Clear Easy Tear Tape Perforated Hypoallergenic
12x 190mm x 110mm Antiseptic Towelettes
2x Pairs Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves
Hand Sanitiser - 60ml
Emergency Foil Blanket
First Aid Tips
Contaminant Bag
Aids/Hepatitis Warning Label

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